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DOS January Meeting: Annual Christmas Count Recap

Ashland Nature Center 3511 Barley Mill Rd, Hockessin, Delaware

Join host Jim White and other Christmas Count compilers for a recap of all the exciting discoveries during the 2022-2023 Christmas Counts. Each compiler will summarize the highlights of their count and discuss recent trends in bird populations. This event will be held at Ashland Nature Center.

Raptors in Winter with Jim White (DOS Members Only)

Red-shouldered Hawk by Carolyn Holland A quest for Raptors in Winter! A full day quest for raptors that may be found in our area during the winter months. We will visit several areas in Delaware and while we will include owls in our search, no tape recordings will be used to call them in.  Bring ... Read more

DOS February Meeting: “Raptor Quest, Chasing America’s Raptors” by Scott Harris

Ashland Nature Center 3511 Barley Mill Rd, Hockessin, Delaware

RaptorQuest, Chasing’s America’s Raptors is about my journey to find all 53 of the Raptors (hawks, falcons and owls) that call the Lower 48 states home. I found all 53, along with a Bat Falcon, a Steller’s Sea Eagle and an Eurasian Eagle Owl. It is filled with stories about each bird and dozens of ... Read more

DOS March Meeting: “Bird Banding at Rushton Woods: Reading Feathers to Advance Bird Conservation” by Blake Goll

Ashland Nature Center 3511 Barley Mill Rd, Hockessin, Delaware

To an ornithologist, monitoring the populations of birds is — quite literally —  taking the pulse of the environment.  The primary way to study bird populations today is through a traditional mark-release-recapture technique known as bird banding. The Willistown Conservation Trust began a federally licensed banding station in 2009 at Rushton Woods Preserve and Farm ... Read more

DOS April Meeting: “A lifetime quest to see all the Hummingbirds” by Hank Davis

Ashland Nature Center 3511 Barley Mill Rd, Hockessin, Delaware

I became passionate about Hummingbirds on a trip to Cuba with the Delaware Nature Society in 2013. Since then, I have traveled to Ecuador 3 times, Costa Rica 2 times, Brazil 4 times, Mexico once, Trinidad & Tobago once, and Peru once. I still have many more countries to go to. I would love to ... Read more

Alapocas Woods with Joe Francis

Louisiana Waterthrush by Mary Braun Explore Alapocas Woods Visit an oasis within the city of Wilmington with good successional field habitat, mature woodlands and the Brandywine River. Target birds include migrating warblers and thrushes as well as the many summer and year-round residents. Helpfully offered during the week of the Delaware Bird-A-Thon for folks out ... Read more

46th Annual Beginner’s Shorebird Field Trip!

Shorebirds for Beginners at Bombay Hook! Delaware Ornithological Society (DOS) is sponsoring a Beginner’s Shorebird Field Trip on Saturday, July 20th, at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Smyrna, Delaware. This will be a Half Day trip - tailored for beginners, and is the 46th consecutive outing for this popular field trip. "Par" is 15 species of shorebirds, ... Read more