Bird Records Committee

An independent committee that keeps track of Delaware's official state bird list.

Bird Records Committee

The Delaware Bird Records Committee is an independent committee charged with maintaining the Delaware State List of Bird Species (updated September 2018), which consists of all bird species accepted as having been observed in Delaware.

The committee also reviews documentation of extremely rare species. The committee requests documentation from observers to support the occurrence of these species in the state.  These rare species are listed in boldface on the  Delaware State List of Bird Species.


Submitting Rare Bird Reports

Everyone is encouraged to submit records of unusual sightings in Delaware to Anthony Gonzon, DBRC Secretary.

The easiest way to do this is to use the online Rare Bird Report form by clicking the button below.  Alternatively, you can send reports to Anthony by e-mail.   Good quality photographs, sound recordings and detailed descriptions with any sketches, no matter how basic, are important for documenting rare state birds particularly for difficult to identify species.

Recent Updates to the List

2017 Updates:

Trumpeter Swan and Monk Parakeet have been accepted by the DBRC and added to the Delaware Bird and Review Species Lists.
Thayer’s Gull has been removed from the list as Thayer’s Gull was lumped with Iceland Gull by the AOS.
Five species have been removed from the Review Species List: Black Rail, Sandhill Crane, Roseate Tern, Arctic Tern and Cave Swallow.

2018 Updates:

Elegant Tern and Western Tanager have been accepted by the DBRC and added to the Delaware Bird and Review Species Lists.

Committee Members

  • Jim White (President)
  • Anthony Gonzon (Secretary, non-voting)
  • Chris Bennett
  • John Janowski
  • Frank Rohrbacher
Jim White
Jim White, President
Ant_Gonzon photo
Anthony Gonzon, Secretary

Downloadable Summary of Reviews of All Records