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Fall Birding at Bombay Hook with Chris Bennett

Herons and egrets, shorebirds, songbirds & more at Bombay Hook! Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is one of the premier birding sites in the eastern United States and it's a short trip from anywhere in the state of Delaware. Early fall is a great time to search the refuge for songbirds, shorebirds, herons and egrets, ... Read more

White Clay Creek Preserve with Matthew Halley

Co-listed with Delaware Museum of Nature and Science Join our vice president, Dr. Matthew Halley, Interim Curator of Birds at the Delaware Museum of Nature and Science, for a guided walk through the scenic White Clay Creek Preserve in southern Chester County. In addition to caring for the extensive DelMNS bird collection of more than ... Read more

The Annual Ticking Tomb Bird Stroll with Ian Stewart

Ye gods! Abandon all hope, ye who enter here......! This DOS bird walk heads through White Clay Creek Preserve near the London Tract Meeting House and Cemetery, home of the infamous "Ticking Tomb". We will start off quaking with terror near the tomb then find serenity by heading into the woods to search for late ... Read more

DOS October Meeting: Holly Merker “Ornitherapy: Why watching birds is not only fun but good for you”

Ashland Nature Center 3511 Barley Mill Rd, Hokessin, Delaware

Learn why getting your daily dose of Ornitherapy is just what the doctor ordered.  We’re pushed and pulled in many directions, no matter our age. If we allow birds and nature to slow us down, we are practicing “selfcare”. Research shows that exposure to nature actively reduces stress, depression, and anxiety, while helping build a ... Read more

Sea Watch I with Chris Bennett & Anthony Gonzon

Join Anthony Gonzon and Chris Bennett for 3 brisk birding adventures at the Indian River Inlet this winter! November 13, 2022 – 8am until 12pmJanuary 22, 2023 – 8am until 12pmMarch 12, 2023 – 8am until 12pm To be enjoyed at the Southside Day Use Area (parking lot on the south side of Indian River ... Read more

DOS November Meeting: Matthew Halley “New and overlooked sources in the history of American Ornithology”

Matthew R. Halley is the Interim Curator of Birds at the Delaware Museum of Natual History. Dr. Halley received his doctorate in environmental science from Drexel University and the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, where he primarily studied the systematics of the nightingale-thrushes (genus Catharus) and the evolution of seasonal migration. His field research ... Read more

Midwinter Bird Walk at Alapocas with Sally O’Byrne

Explore Alapocas Woods for wintering birds Come out and get to know some of the birds that are at home in the woods and fields during winter! Our leader is Sally O'Byrne, contact at [email protected] if you have questions about this trip. Meet at the Blue Ball Barn near the traffic circle on West Park ... Read more

Raptors in Winter with Jim White (DOS Members Only)

New this year, a quest for Raptors in Winter! A full day quest for raptors that may be found in our area during the winter months. We will visit several areas in Delaware and while we will include owls in our search, no tape recordings will be used to call them in.  Bring snacks, lunch ... Read more

Waterfowl on the Susquehanna Flats with Andy Ednie

New this Winter, Waterfowl at Perryville Community Park! Join Andy Ednie for an opportunity to observe hundreds of Tundra Swans & ducks while studying a diversity of species. We'll look for Canvasbacks & Redheads, Greater & Lesser Scaup, Ring-necked Ducks, Hooded & Common Mergansers, Buffleheads & Ruddy Ducks just to name a few! If you ... Read more

Evening Rail Trip with Andy Ednie

Listen for rails after dark! This may be the only field trip all year where no birds are seen....only heard!  A four hour Rail bonanza (in the middle of the night!) targeting 7 species.  Bring long boots and bug spray.  Our leader is Andy Ednie, please contact at [email protected] if you plan to attend or ... Read more

Blackbird State Forest with Ian Stewart

Explore Blackbird State Forest! In this twist on an old walk, we will explore the area around the headquarters of Blackbird State Forest followed by a convoy to some of its lesser known corners in search of specialty birds and fresh experiences! Helpfully offered during the week of the Delaware Bird-A-Thon for folks out for ... Read more

Alapocas Woods with Joe Francis

Explore Alapocas Woods Visit an oasis within the city of Wilmington with good successional field habitat, mature woodlands and the Brandywine River. Target birds include migrating warblers and thrushes as well as the many summer and year-round residents. Helpfully offered during the week of the Delaware Bird-A-Thon for folks out for the count! Our leader ... Read more