DOS Merchandise

Get your DOS logo merchandise here - including our famous "lucky binocular strap"

Online Zazzle Store

In addition the hats and binocular straps we sell at meetings and online below, DOS now offers other DOS branded merchandise through its Zazzle store.  Check out our t-shirts, car magnets, coffee mugs and more.


NOTE:  To keep prices lower, DOS only makes 10% from your Zazzle purchases.  Watch for frequent Zazzle sales to save money and then promote the organization by displaying or wearing your DOS branded merchandise.

We are always looking for new designs incorporating our logo to put on merchandise for sale through Zazzle.   Contact us if you want to contribute a design.

The utlitmate in Style

DOS Hats

What better way to keep the sun or drizzle out of your eyes with one of our stylish DOS caps?  Stock of popular colors is low so order now!  $20 + $6 S & H.

dos hats
The Famous lucky binocular strap - Now updated!

DOS Logo Binocular Straps

Our most highly-prized item is the legendary ‘lucky’ binocular strap.  Recently updated and made even luckier!  Now in full color with DOS logos and the DOS name.   All straps are a medium gray with black trim and full color logos.  If you’re wearing these spongy straps you can bird all day without feeling the weight of your binoculars (or camera, which will also fit this strap).   $20 ea + $6 S & H.