Mother’s Day White Clay Creek State Park Trip Report

Great Blue Heron by Carolyn Holland

Our annual Mother’s Day walk was held on Sunday May 14th in the beautiful White Clay Creek State Park. Park gates opened at 8am, and we gathered with high hopes of warblers! Hedges yielded Indigo Buntings, both Baltimore and Orchard orioles, and many American Redstarts. Wood Thrush and Ovenbirds were vocal in the woods and we got several good looks at Acadian Flycatchers. We watched a pair of Scarlet Tanagers working together on a nest site in the Wedgewood area. Louisiana and Northern Waterthrush were repeatedly heard and Spotted Sandpipers were visible up near Creek Rd, Near the end of the walk our group got good looks at a singing Magnolia Warbler, our 9th warbler species.

Group participants observing a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher nest. Photo by Carolyn Holland.

Our hike concluded with 52 species – helpful for those counting on the final day of the Delaware Bird-a-thon! Thanks to trip leaders Mike Hudson and Judy Montgomery who helped make this another successful Mother’s Day Walk!

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