A history of success

The start of a great idea

The Bird-a-thon started in 2007 as the brainchild of Bill Stewart, then chair of the DOS Conservation committee, who wanted to raise money for bird conservation, especially the Red Knot which had recently been declared an endangered species. The idea was initial met with quite a bit of skepticism, but has succeeded beyond the wildest imagination of anyone in 2007. Below is a table summarizing the amount of money raised each year and the properties that have been purchased, usually in partnership with other organization. Note that DOS is not involved in land management so the properties are turned over to other organizations to be managed and permanently protected.

Read an article by Sally O'Byrne about the early days of the Bird-a-thon. Click here.

History of the Bird-a-thon

A table of the amount of money raised and land purchased since the start of the Bird-a-thon in 2007. Dollar amounts have been rounded to the nearest thousand.
YearDollars RaisedProperty LocationAcreage
202258,000near Woodland Beach165
202144,000Augustine Creek347
202062,000Thousand Acre Marsh200
2019103,000Thousand Acre Marsh53
201850,000Mispillion Harbor1
201741,000Blackbird Creek635
201632,000Augustine Wildlife Area141
201535,000Little Creek Wildlife Area117
201445,000Ted Harvey Wildlife Area748
201339,000Augustine Wildlife Area194
201029,000Mispillion Harbor52
200728,000Fowler Beach27