Fledge Watch

Helping the baby falcons in their first few days out of the nest in downtown Wilmington


We Need Falcon Fledge Watch Volunteers for 2024!

The Wilmington Falcons have two young this year.  They will be fledging soon.  Although they can fly well enough at fledging to leave the nest, their wing muscles are not strong enough for them to take off from the ground.  Thus we need volunteers to watch the young falcons in downtown Wilmington for several days in case they get into trouble.  The watch is tentatively scheduled to begin on 19 June 2024.  More details below about what is required and how you can volunteer.

The 2024 Wilmington Falcon Watch Nestlings need your help when they leave the nest

Baby Falcons


We are looking for dedicated volunteers to sign up for (at least) two, two-hour shifts during our ~ week-long Wilmington Falcon Fledge Watch. Volunteers will be expected to watch the nest box and surrounding areas for the two fledging Peregrine falcons and keep track of their movements (unlike previous years, colored tape will not be added to the leg bands to distinguish the two chicks as the Bird Banding Laboratory discourages this practice).  Birds that are seen flying to the ground, or to a low area where they are unable to catch flight again, will be monitored, and potentially captured. If captured, they will either be taken up to the rooftop or (if injured) taken to Tri-State Bird Rescue in Newark, Delaware for rehabilitation.

Please note that we have the Fledge Watch shifts beginning on Wednesday 6/19, but the date can change, pending when the chick(s) decide to leave the nest. Volunteers do not need to have experience to sign up for monitoring shifts, and most new volunteers will be paired with an experienced volunteer or staff member. Only volunteers who have been trained to safely capture, handle, and transport the bird will be able to do so. There will be a pet carrier and sheet for capturing kept in the staircase of the parking garage.  This year we have assigned an “on-call” staff member each day for fledge watch for you to contact in the case of any issues.

How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, you should contact Jordan Brown via email ([email protected]) to fill out the necessary forms and receive training prior to signing up.”

Please note, there is currently no plan to host a rooftop event this year.

Parking Information

During your shift, you will be sitting on the rooftop of the City Center Parking Garage (located at 11th and Tatnall Street) for multiple hours, it is recommended to bring a camping chair, sun protection, and snacks and drinks. Please note, the parking payment system for the garage has changed since last year, they now use a ticketless online system called AirGarage – there are QR Codes in the garage for you to scan, add your license plate number, and begin the parking session. After your shift, you must end your parking through AirGarage to calculate you total parking fee. If you would like reimbursement for parking, please take a screenshot of each online receipt so your reimbursement can be properly calculated.