The 8th Annual Delaware Bird-a-Thon was May 3-11, 2014!

Birding for conservation makes cents     [learn more], 

It's not too late to be involved.  You can help the birds and their habitat by contributing to the fund any time!  Please see the Donate button to the right to help conserve.

[Delaware Bird-a-Thon 2014 activities]

Spring Roundup

Visit the DOS annual Spring Roundup   page...

This live feed of a nesting box in downtown Wilmington, Delaware is a collaborative effort of the DOS, DuPont Clear into the Future, Delaware DNREC, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and the Buccini-Pollin Group.

There are sure to be some fascinating activity to watch in the coming weeks and months!

*Follow more of the action on the Wilmington Falcons Facebook page

Celebration of a life of energy and enthusiasm for the environment: Dr. Albert Matlack.  The birding and environmental community recently lost a leading light, and one of DOS' charter members.  Dr. Albert Matlack passed away last November .  His family would like to invite any DOS members to help celebrate his life.  Contact them using the enclosed emails if you are interested.  [Dr. Albert Matlack memorial]

Snowy Owl Irruption

DOS's own Anthony Gonzon talks about the recent spate of Snowy Owl sightings in Delaware in the News Journal.


The Delaware Backyard Birding Challenge 

DOS is sponsoring a Delaware Backyard Birding Challenge. All you have to do is go birding in your backyard and report your sightings on www.ebird.org where the results will be kept, and can be viewed throughout the year. This is probably the "greenest" way to bird, since no fossil fuel burning is needed.

DOS is participating in the Delaware Bayshore Initiative!  This initiative will help prioritize needed improvements to birding infrastructure and will guide further conservation of important bird habitats along the bayshore. Please watch Governor Markell's unprecedented video address to the birding community during the recent American Birding Association Annual Meeting held in Wilmington.

Consider joining the Delaware Nature Society for several bird-related trips that are coming up soon.

The Delaware Nature Society hosts many exciting birding programs. 

Lights Out Wilmington!   Please support our efforts to conserve energy and help save

 vulnerable migrating birds by encouraging downtown building owners and tenants to turn off non-essential lights at night.  By eliminating non-essential interior and exterior lighting in large buildings, 
we can cut down on CO2 emissions, save money, and help protect birds.  [more]


DuPont's Clear into the Future has some excellent resources for kids interested in birds and environmental issues!  Go with your kids to the Clear into the Classroom website!


Put your stamp on...Duck Stamp, that is! Support the acquisition of migratory bird habitat by buying a Duck Stamp.  Proceeds go toward the purchase of land by the USFWS for the National Wildlife Refuge system.  It is also your pass to all lands in the NWR system!  Go to www.fws.gov/duckstamps for more information.


News and Events

Keep your eyes out for Kestrels, then...submit your Kestrel sightings!
The Delaware Birding Trail Be sure to visit the Delaware Birding Trail site for information on this exciting initiative in the State. DOS is a sposoring partner in this effort. You can order a FREE trail guide from there!
The 2nd Delaware Breeding Bird Atlas
A cooperative project among several groups including the DOS, DNS, DNREC...

Youth Birding

If you have kids or know a young person interested in birds, invite them to join the Delaware Dunlins Youth Birders Club. Sponsored and supported by DOS, these school-aged student members head afield to pursue the joys of birding that hooked us all at the beginning. Learn more [PDF brochure]...

Birding the shore? Check your tides! (NOAA/CO-OPS)

Try eBird, created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Audubon ! It's a personalized, online, nationwide birding database and checklist.
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