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Volume 54 | Number 3 | November 2022
Next meeting: November 16!
Common Yellowthroat by Shannon Modla.

Letter from the President

A profile of DOS President Mike Moore.I have written here several times that I love birding during fall migration because it is “rarity season” when many very unusual birds show up. This promise was finally fulfilled when our own Andy Ednie found a probable Tropical Kingbird at Thousand Acre Marsh this week. This species is very rare on the east coast and has only been seen three times in Delaware before. Unfortunately, it was only seen by one other birder, but it may still be around. Worth looking for if you have time – drive slowly scanning telephone wires.
The Ashland Hawk Watch has produced a bird many people look for – Evening Grosbeaks. There have been several around the bird blind and Hawk Watch Hill the last couple of days. Of course, Ashland is in the middle of Golden Eagle season and has already recorded three of these sought-after rarities. Not be outdone, Cape Henlopen Hawk Watch recorded a Northern Goshawk, a species that has become very rare in Delaware in recent years, in addition to a couple of Golden Eagles of its own.
We had the first in-person members meeting in October at Ashland Nature Center and were treated to a great talk by Holly Merker on Ornitherapy. About 40 people attended. Next month we have a special treat. Matt Halley will be giving his talk in the newly remodeled Delaware Museum of Nature and Science. If you have not seen it since the remodel, it has been completely reimagined and it should be a quite a treat. I hope to see you there.
I hope to see you in the field. If I do and I don’t know you, please come up and introduce yourself as a DOS member.
 -Michael Moore, DOS President
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November 16 Meeting:
Matt Halley

“New and overlooked sources in the history of American Ornithology”

November 16 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm EDT

Matthew R. Halley is the Assistant Curator of Birds at the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Dr. Halley received his doctorate in environmental science from Drexel University and the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, where he primarily studied the systematics of the nightingale-thrushes (genus Catharus) and the evolution of seasonal migration. His field research spans a wide range of countries including Panama, Venezuela, Nicaragua, India, Israel, Canada, and the United States.

Dr. Halley’s interdisciplinary research focuses primarily on the systematics and social evolution of American birds, as well as analysis and reinterpretation of the work of historical American scientists from the 18th and 19th centuries. His research utilizes many different technologies including genetics, video cameras, tracking devices, and analysis of audio recordings and museum specimens. In addition to being a historian and scientist, Dr. Halley is also a lifelong musician and featured on numerous albums, including his own self-titled album Matthew Halley (2020). His broad expertise in history, science, and art allows him to continually contribute to the research of a wide multitude of subjects.

Matthew is currently the Vice President and Program Chair for DOS.

This meeting will be in-person at the
 Delaware Museum of Nature & Science.

Admission is free, and exhibits will be open.

Upcoming Field Trips

Augustine Wildlife Area with Anthony Gonzon
November 5 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT

Pine Warbler by Chris Bennett

Join Anthony for some birding in the Augustine Wildlife Area, including the Ashton Tract and other less visited spots. We will be looking for fall migrants, winter arrivals, and waterfowl. Meet at the Augustine Beach Parking Lot by 8am. A Conservation Access Pass will be required to drive into the Augustine Wildlife Area.

Our leader is Anthony Gonzon, contact at [email protected] if you have any questions about this trip.


Sea Watch I with Chris Bennett & Anthony Gonzon
November 13 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm EST
Long-tailed Duck drake

Join Anthony Gonzon and Chris Bennett for three brisk birding adventures at the Indian River Inlet this winter!

November 13, 2022 – 8am until 12pm
January 22, 2023 – 8am until 12pm
March 12, 2023 – 8am until 12pm

To be enjoyed at the Southside Day Use Area (parking lot on the south side of Indian River Inlet along the ocean). Come prepared for cold conditions and the seashore wind and bring your scope if you have one.

Participants should monitor the DOS website and social media for last minute changes due to weather or other conditions.

Contact our leaders Chris Bennett at [email protected] and Anthony Gonzon at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Red Knot Youth Birders

The Red Knot Youth Birders logo, which is a digital rendering of a red knot walking, surrounded by text.
Saturday, November 19th, 8:30 to 10:30am
Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
This trip is all about waterfowl!  Join us to explore numerous species of ducks and geese that move into the Midatlantic region for the winter each year. We'll be bringing scopes to make sure we get great looks, so don't miss out!
Sunday, December 4th, 8:30 to 10:30am
White Clay Creek State Park
We will meet around at the Nature Center and explore the nearby trails looking for winter residents like sparrows, red-breasted nuthatches, juncos, and winter finches!
Sign up at [email protected] to receive field trip schedules and other updates for the fall.

Brandywine Bird Walks

Brandywine Creek State Park in conjunction with the DOS will be hosting monthly bird walks in Delaware’s oldest state park. The walks are on the last Saturday of every month (except December) and start at the Nature Center at 8:00 am. The park entrance road is from Addams Dam Road near the intersection of Routes 100 & 92. This will be a 3-hour walk through rough terrain, bring boots and bug spray. The walks are free but parking fees are in effect.

Dates are: November 26th, December – pending for Wilmington CBC date.

Call For Speakers

Our "For DOS By DOS" meeting is returning this December! Any member is welcome to propose something to speak about during this meeting. If you are interested, please contact DOS Vice President Matthew Halley.

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Access Pass Reminder

Don't forget: Conservation Access Passes are required to visit state wildlife areas such as Augustine (including Ashton Tract), Assawoman, Cedar Swamp, and Woodland Beach.
The cost to renew your annual pass is $32.50 for Delaware vehicles and $65.00 for out-of-state vehicles. Click here to get your pass!
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Both the Ashland and the Golden Eagle on October 19th, 2022 by David BrownCape Henlopen Hawk Watches have had excellent seasons so far. New species for the year include Golden Eagle and Northern Goshawk.

Read the full report here.


You are invited to help with raptor counts and provide our in-kind matching contribution to earn continued funding for next year. Please consider spending an hour or the day (9-4) at the hawk watches, either Ashland Nature Center or Cape Henlopen. No registration is required. Show up and identify yourself as a volunteer to someone on the platform or hill. 

Volunteers do not need to be expert in raptor identification. All are welcome. 

The counts continue daily through November 30. 
Cape May Warbler by Shannon Modla.

Christmas Bird Counts 2022-2023
Fall is slowly slipping away, and it is time to start thinking of winter birding possibilities, especially the annual Christmas Bird Counts.  Delaware Ornithological Society sponsors six counts– Wilmington, Middletown, Bombay Hook, Rehoboth, Cape Henlopen/Prime Hook and Milford. All the counts are looking for birders to participate. Contact the appropriate count compiler if you are interested in joining any or all this year’s Christmas counts.
Wilmington –17 December 2022 – Compiler Jim White [email protected]
Bombay Hook – 18 December 2022 – Compiler Andy Ednie [email protected]
Milford –   20 December 2022 – Compiler Chris Bennett [email protected]
Middletown – 22 December 2022 – Compiler Anthony Gonzon [email protected]
Rehoboth –31 December 2022 – Compiler Sally O’Byrne [email protected]
Cape Henlopen/Prime Hook- 1 January 2023 - Compiler Bruce Peterjohn [email protected]
The Wild Birds Unlimited Logo.
- Your backyard bird feeding specialist -

"Fall in love with birds!"

Wild Birds Unlimited-Hockessin 
Open Monday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.

Lancaster Pike & Yorklyn Road
Hockessin, DE

Conservation Update

Horseshoe crabs on beach. Creative Commons from Wikipedia.

In recent shorebird-related news, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) is proposing to alter horseshoe crab harvest restrictions and include female horseshoe crabs in future harvests.

The DOS Conservation Committee has been tracking this issue closely and has significant concerns about the adoption of the ASMFC’s Revised Adaptive Resource Management (ARM) model to set harvest quotas for horseshoe crab harvest. DOS does not support the adoption of a model that would currently recommend harvest of female crabs at this point in the recovery trajectory of rufa Red Knots.

We have submitted a letter recommending that ASMFC should NOT adopt the Addendum to the HSC Fisheries Management Plan at this time. This detailed letter is available on the website here.
David L. Ross Jr. 
and Voices of the Cloud Forest

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Macaulay Library has released the audio production Voices of the Cloud Forest as a free download for all. Spend a virtual day in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, and read more about recordist Dave Ross. He spent many months across a four year period gathering the recordings to produce this audio journey.

Dave Ross recently passed away on 30 September 2022. His passionate 35-year audio career lives on in perpetuity via thousands of archived recordings in the Macaulay Library.

DOS Backyard Birding Challenge

Andrew Dunn continues his lead with 145 species, gaining 6 species this month. Fall rarity season is in full swing! Grab your binoculars and get eBirding!

Compete by submitting eBird checklists from your own yard. 

Learn more here.
*Rankings as of Nov 1, 2022.

Check out the new Delaware Migratory Shorebirds License Plate!

This beautiful plate by artist Liz Clayton Fuller highlights the Red Knot and its important ecological role in the Delaware Bay. Proceeds from this plate return back to DOS to help us achieve our bird conservation goals.

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles lists more information about their specialty plates on their website.

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Pine Siskin and White-throated Sparrow by Shannon Modla.
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