The Delaware Bird Records Committee is charged with maintaining the Delaware State List of Bird Species, which consists of all bird species accepted as having been observed in Delaware. A subset of this list is the Delaware Review List, which are extremely rare species for which the committee requests documentation from observers to document their presence in the state.

2014-2015 Committee Members: Jim White (President), Frank Rohrbacher (Secretary), Chris Bennett, Anthony Gonzon, John Janowski

You are encouraged to submit records of unusual sightings in Delaware to Frank Rohrbacher, DBRC Secretary, 5 Neva Court, Wilmington, DE 19810 by regular or e-mail. Detailed descriptions and any sketches, no matter how basic, are important for documenting rare state birds particularly for difficult to identify species. Good quality photographs and sound recordings are especially helpful.

Summary of all Completed Reviews: An index of all of the records reviewed by the committee.

Yearly Reports:

DBRC Annual Report 2012

DBRC Annual Report 2011

DBRC Annual Report 2010