Welcome to the DOS online store!

We sell a range of reasonably-priced but attractive items any birder would be proud to wear, all of which are emblazoned with our DOS logo of a Black-necked Stilt. Be the envy of your birding friends!

Our most highly-prized item is the legendary ‘lucky’ binocular strap, priced at just $10 + $4 S & H. If you’re using these spongy straps you can bird all day without feeling the weight of your binoculars. Straps come in 5 dignified colors (click here to buy)

Soft straps


We also sell black nylon harnesses popular with those who find traditional straps to be awkward. These are $15 + $4 S & H (click here to buy a harness)


Finally, what better way to keep the sun out of your eyes or the drizzle out of your eyes with one of our stylish DOS caps? Caps come in 8 different colors and cost just $15 + $4 S & H. Look at the quality stitching of the logo! One size fits all, click here to buy a cap. Clockwise from top left, colors = khaki, light blue, charcoal, cream with green bill, pink, brown with black bill, dark green, crimson. Caps are stylishly modeled by DOS council members below!