Kestrel Nest


Kestrel nesting notes by Doug Miller: 7/08/11 (PLEASE NOTE:  Videos may take some time to load, and may not function properly with a slow connection speed)

  -Nest located in southwestern Sussex County and documented with the Delaware Breeding Bird Atlas. Previously adults have been seen in the area last year and in early this year.


Male and Female Kestrel



 -Nest build at a truck loading dock seal. Arrangements made with manager to not keep trailers in loading bay for extended periods. However entrance hole is reportedly not blocked.


Slow-motion Kestrel feeding


 -Guessing they hatched about a week ago. Obviously can't tell how many are in there, but by the feeding frequency (30 minutes initially to 20 minutes now in 10 minute spurts with insects) make me think not too many.

 -I'm thinking this my be a second nesting attempt due to the date, or maybe even a first time pair and it take them a little time to get it right.


Kestrel nestling


 -It may be common behavior at this stage of feeding: the female seems reluctant to let the male enter the nest by himself. I have it on video once and observed it once of her close on his tail upon entering and him exiting immediately. 

 - The male Kestrel includes foraging for large caterpillars as a hunting strategy.